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9 December 2012


Wayne Barner, Jean Barrett, Maggie Batchelor, Harry Burgess, Beryl Carr, Phyllis Coad, John Cowen, Carrol Cragg, Sydney Darcy, John Dillon, Molly Direen, Kathleen Donnelly, Fred Donohoe, Lenny Duggan, Ron Duggan, Fr Bill Egan, Bill Fitzpatrick, Joe Gudden, Ena Halton, Fr Paul Havlick, Bridget Herlihy, Aileen Herlihy, Rhonda Innes, George Johnson, Christopher Latham, Elizabeth Malone, Max Norris, Cedric O'Neill, Irene Palmer, Ronald Palmer, Maurice Parker, Carmel Petersen, Edward Smith, Gordon Smith, Thomas Reardon, Anthony Synnott, Bev Synnott, Leon Synnott, Garet Thornton, Bridget Turnbull, Molly Walker, Mavis Wiggins.


Christmas Mass Times

Christmas Eve - Vigil 6.00pm - St James Catholic Church, Cygnet

Midnight Mass begin with Carols at 11.30pm - Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ranelagh

Christmas Day 9.30am - St Joseph's Catholic Church, Geeveston




You are invited to decorate a Christmas star on behalf of your family, organisation or for each individual member of your family. Stars included with our newsletter this week. Remember they need to be decorated back and front and will be hung in the churches for our Christmas Masses. Stars to Fr Greg lunch time on the 23rd!



Children wishing to be part of our Nativity at the 6.00pm Mass Christmas Eve can submit their names to Fr Greg. Practices will be on Saturday the 15th at 10.00am and Sunday 23rd at 5.00pm both in St James. You don't need to be at both practices but it would be helpful for those wanting to be Mary or Joseph to be present!


For 24 December Family Mass Cygnet at 6.00pm.  Nell will be away visiting family for Christmas and enjoying a well earned break from musical commitments this year. WE REALLY REALLY NEED YOU!!!  You are invited to come to a meeting/practice each Wednesday at 7 pm in St. James Catholic Church, Cygnet.  Musicians, singers and anyone who sings in the shower, in the car, when out walking are most welcome!!!  For more information contact Fr Greg on 62051239 or chat with Claire Bond after Mass Sundays.


You are invited to attended the local churches Christmas gathering on Saturday the 15 December in the Memorial Hall Ranelagh starting at 3.00pm. We have been asked as a church to provide a member of our younger set to be the Narrator and members to be '3 Innkeepers with anyone else being extra inn keepers'. A full gathering of those involved will occur at the Huonville Community Church on Sunday 2 December at 7.30pm and a full dress rehearsal on Sunday 9 December at 2.30pm. Any member of the community child and adult who would like to be involved please give your names to Father Greg ASAP.


Each Friday evening in both St Mary's Franklin and St James Cygnet the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed from 7pm – 8pm for prayer and silent meditation and reflection. This is a most beautiful part of the tradition of our church and a great opportunity during the Year of Grace to take time out with the Lord. Had a busy week? Had a stressful time with work or family? Have to make some life changing decisions? Need some peace and tranquillity? Maybe this is exactly the hour you need each week!


Again your priests are in print for 2013 and at only $5.00 each – support both the hard working clergy of the Archdiocese and at the same time raise money for a very worthy cause. In this years are Father Graeme, Greg and Mark amongst others. Wondered what FR Mark and the Archbishop do in their spare time? Buy a calendar to find out!!!



In stillness, I wait. Facilitated by Penny Edman at the Sisters of St Joseph Mission Centre, Clare St, New Town. Wednesdays 5, 12 and 19 December; 7.30-8.30pm. Gold coin donation. Further information: Penny 0400 896 191.

Rachel's Vineyard



Can help you find your inner voice. It can help you experience God's love and compassion on a profound level. It creates a place where men and women can share, often for the first time, their deepest feelings about abortion. You are allowed to dismantle troubling secrets in an environment of emotional and spiritual safe. To speak to someone please phone Anne Sherston on the confidential phone line 62298739 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The next retreat is on May 3rd to 5th 2013.



Filipino Mass

The Filipino Community is warmly invited to attend Mass at St John's at 10am next Sunday, the 3rd Sunday of Advent. The music and readers is being handled by the Filipino Community in our parish, as well as Morning Tea after Mass.




The History of Advent

The word "advent" comes from the Latin term for "coming," and refers to the first and second Comings of Jesus Christ, in the senses of Savior and Judge, respectively. The first authoritative mention of Advent appears in the Synod of Lerida (AD 524), and the season has been recognized since as the beginning of the western ecclesiastical (church) year. The celebration originally began as a period of fasting, similar to Lent. Although the practice of abstention was later relaxed, Advent retains the spirit of atonement and penitence.

Advent Wreaths and Calendars

In western cultures, the four Sundays of Advent are often celebrated with Advent wreaths decorated with four candles. Made from evergreens, the circular wreaths symbolize eternal life and the endless nature of God's love. Three of the candles are purple or blue while the fourth is typically rose-colored or pink.

One candle is lit each Sunday of the season. The rose-colored candle is lit on the third Sunday, which is considered to be a more festive day than the others. On Christmas Day, a fifth candle (known as the "Christ Candle" and often white in color) is lit in the center of the wreath, or may replace it altogether.

Advent calendars are also popular during the season. About 25 small compartments are created, often through the use of multiple sheets of cardboard or through sewn pockets. These are filled with seasonal messages, religious pictures, small chocolates, stories, or toys, depending upon the particular calendar.

Advent Traditions and Customs around the World

There are many ways Advent is celebrated. In English history, poor women would carry "Advent images" -- two dolls dressed as Christ and the Virgin Mary. Upon showing these images to passersby, the women would be gifted with small amounts of money or trinkets. Failing to donate was considered bad luck.

In Normandy, children under 12 were sent through farmers' fields with torches, setting fire to straw to drive off vermin. Italy supported the tradition of bagpipe players entering into Rome during the last days of the season. They played music before shrines of the Blessed Virgin, just as shepherds played pipes at the manger to honor the Messiah's coming.

The Season of Advent remains one of the most important times of the Christian year. It celebrates the blessing of the birth of Christ, and reminds the faithful of his eventual return.

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